From the Freelancing in Europe study carried out by Malt, our data suggests that freelancers dedicate an average of 4 hours per week to individual training to keep up-to-date in a fast-moving environment. This gives project owners confidence in the talent they choose to work with. In addition, from 2020 to 2021 Malt saw a 39% increase in overall freelancer sign-ups, demonstrating the wide choice of highly-skilled European professionals available.

Malt has freelancer profiles at the cutting edge of these digital evolutions, ready to transform projects with the latest skills. Here are 10 profiles on Malt that demonstrate where tech trends are headed in 2022.

Data Science

As organizations’ reliance on and ability to harness data continues to increase, so does the need for Data Scientists. According to the World Data Science Initiative, Data Science is currently the most in-demand skill for project owners, especially as the global pandemic further accelerated digital transformation. 

Data mining is a key skill which helps businesses understand customer behaviors, make predictions and run successful campaigns. 

“Consumer data will be the biggest differentiator in the next two to three years. Whoever unlocks the reams of data and uses it strategically will win” says Former Senior Vice President of Apple, Angela Ahrendts. Businesses should consider investing in this area to get ahead of their competitors. 

Hiring freelancers who specialize in Data Science is an ideal solution for companies who don’t have these skills readily available to them. Data Scientists can add value to all businesses who can use their data well. From modeling and insights across the workflows and hiring the right candidates, to helping top-level management make better decisions, Data Scientists are the most valuable to any company in any sector.

Data Scientists on Malt:

Palme Kamadji

Palme offers multiple solutions for different data projects in France, including developing data tools and creating dashboards using essential programs such as Google Data Studio. 

They have recent experience with AXA and L’Oréal, helping them to manage their data and putting dashboards in place. The fact that these multinationals require freelance Data Scientist services is a good gauge for the future of data analyst demand.

Sina Huber

Sina is located in Munich, Germany, and has a mathematics background as well as a PhD in Learning Sciences, with a focus on Applied Statistics. They can explain the mathematics behind the procedures to project owners and are able to break down buzzwords and technical jargon. They use key programs such as R and Python but they can adapt to other tools, which is an important skill to have as data analysis evolves.

Carla Ten Ventura

Based in Barcelona, Spain, Carla is a biomedical engineer specialized in Data Science, and is able to bridge the gap between medical and technological worlds. They have a background in Data Science and Machine Learning, as well as a Scrum Master project management certificate. This blend of skills allows them to keep up with the latest technological advances and adjust to different project requirements.

The Malt marketplace allows companies to discover freelancers to suit their needs and develop their current operations to prepare for the future of data.

Immersive User Experience

The rise of Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) means that there is new demand for digital developers to create immersive user experiences. AR/VR headsets continue to blur the lines between digital worlds and reality, fueling a need to leverage analytics to understand user behavior.

It’s important to create a stimulating virtual word for the end user, enhancing their daily life activities. Choosing an experienced freelancer to design such an immersive experience will ensure the success of this interactive storytelling.

Immersive User Experience Creators on Malt:

Morgan Klein

Experienced in working on virtual and augmented reality, Morgan has helped more than thirty organizations on different projects in France, either on digital training days or developing complete programs. They have worked with VR headsets since 2013 and have written their own ebook on Immersive Technologies (available on Malt Academy).

Erika Bosch Ramirez

Erika is a UX/UI designer in immersive experiences and a creative technologist living in Berlin, Germany, who loves finding solutions to complex problems, with a broad background on physical (3D) and digital design (2D/3D). They have worked on projects for Volkswagen and Adidas, bringing their creative visions to life for interactive events.

Hiring a freelancer on Malt with a high level of experience in AR technologies is a real benefit for companies who don’t have the in-house capabilities to develop them. The technology is still relatively new so these skills can be hard to come by, which is where access to a freelance marketplace is valuable for project owners.

woman working on computer

Smart ‘Edge’ Computing

Edge computing is about collecting and analyzing data at the site where the data is generated. Solutions can be found in real time without having to transfer the data to another server. The rise of IoT (Internet of Things) devices has developed a need for data to be stored at the ‘edge’ of a network, instead of a central server. Examples of these include wearable health monitors or connected home appliances.

As this is a more efficient and secure way to process data, there will be more companies looking for talent trained in this type of data storage, essentially an extension of the Cloud.

“Technology professionals skilled in frameworks such as Apache clusters and functional languages like Scala and Haskell will be strong contenders,” says Gurbans Chatwal, VP of Technology, Fiserv

Smart ‘Edge’ Developers on Malt:

Ibrahima Fall

A Data Engineer and Data Scientist in Paris, France, Ibrahima holds the key skills for working on artificial intelligence projects. Their experience includes developing data tools and frameworks for Société Générale, Galeries Lafayette and Renault, who rely on Edge technology to serve their clients on multiple devices.

Michał Dura

Michał is based in Berlin, Germany, and is able to help companies create business value and profit from data, using Apache Hadoop, Spark and AWS software for different projects. They have worked long-term in the area of Big Data and Cloud, from initial installation through to performance tuning and scaling. 

Alfonso Campos De Padua

A specialist in Cloud, Big Data and Artificial Intelligence, Alfonso, located in Madrid, is able to implement Data & AI solution architecture with an end-to-end approach. Their experience in projects for Smart Cities, IOT and Banking has enabled them to use agile methodologies within a DevOps context.

On Malt it’s easy to find a suitable freelancer qualified in Smart ‘Edge’ Development, able to process and present business data in a comprehensive way.

CyberSecurity Engineering

The World Economic Forum’s (WEF) recent report Global Cybersecurity Outlook 2022 found that advances in digitalization have meant more frequent, costly and damaging cyber incidents. Following the pandemic, video conferencing has increased tenfold, which in turn increases the amount of data generated. As the volume of data rises, the more businesses are concerned by security issues and keeping this information safe. The WEF survey found that 59% of respondents would find it difficult to respond to a cybersecurity incident due to the lack of skills within their team. 

Companies require the knowledge of an experienced and trustworthy cybersecurity professional to transform their cyber resilience, as well as guide them through a possible cyber attack.

Pascal Montresor

Pascal is based in Paris and has over 11 years of experience in systems security, notably for Numericable/SFR and BNP Paribas, which places them at an expert level in this field. Their skills include auditing and managing security infrastructure, developing diagnostics tools and web applications. 

Clémence C

Clémence is a freelance engineer in Kiel, Germany, experienced in IT Security for consulting firms and is currently in charge of such projects for the Navy. They are able to assist with compliance and certification processes, risk analysis and finding Cloud security solutions.

On Malt, it’s easy to find the right freelancer with the skill set to manage company data security solutions and provide peace of mind that sensitive information is secure.

Malt can connect companies with the best digital profiles

The digital revolution is happening now, and at full speed. Since the pandemic, as reported in our own Freelancing in Europe 2021 survey, 28% of all Malt projects are in tech. 

In the Malt community, there is a wide range of highly skilled and flexible freelancers available to meet companies’ growing digital project requirements.

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