What is #ReadyToHelp?

#ReadyToHelp is a Malt initiative that helps our community of freelancers to volunteer their skills to support people in need.

The program was first launched during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic, when a variety of freelancers from our community volunteered to help keep essential services running. One example was developers from our community volunteering their skills to help scale the IT infrastructure needed by the French Red Cross to cope with unprecedented online traffic.

Right now, there are growing needs in Ukraine. The war currently taking place therein Ukraine is horrifying. We are all watching the news with desperation, anger, anxiety and fear. We are worried for Ukrainians who stayed in Ukraine, as well as those who have managed to flee.

Malt is currently reaching out to NGOs so they know they can count on the skills of our community.

How can freelancers participate? 

By simply adding the hashtag #ReadyToHelp to their Malt bio, skills or “in a few words” section, freelancers can signal to NGOs that they’re happy to volunteer their skills for free where they are needed to support people in need. You can read through these clear guidelines for more info.

  • ready to help in bio
  • ready to help in skills
  • ready to help in about

How can NGOs find these volunteers? 

Freelancers participating in this program will have added #ReadyToHelp to their profile. NGOs can thus find them by simply typing #ReadyToHelp in the Malt search bar and reaching out to those that appear.

How can companies help? 

We all have a role to play. As a company, Malt is currently in touch with members from EnsembleUkraine, a movement which gathers various entrepreneurial initiatives to collect funds or other types of support such as job opportunities and shelter options. You can read more about this effort here.

It’s now up to you! Join the #ReadyToHelp initiative and show your support for people in need.