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Employee loyalty is dead. Or is it?

Yes, freelancing and remote work have been on the rise for more than a decade, traditional management has undergone a (quiet) revolution, and employee engagement seems to be on the decline. Yes, today’s workers know more employers throughout their careers than did workers from previous generations. But it would nevertheless be a foolish mistake to declare loyalty dead yet. What if worker loyalty still had a bright future? And what if there were many things you could do to boost it?

Only we may have to redefine the concept, and the framework we’ve used so far to analyse and measure loyalty. Today’s loyalty no longer depends on being an employee. In fact employees may feel stuck in their company and resentful, while contract workers may feel very loyal to a client company whose purpose they fully embrace. Loyalty transcends the legal nature of the relationship that binds worker and company.

In this newsletter I aim to challenge the idea that worker loyalty is dead. I hope you will find inspiring ideas to rethink how you view teamwork, leadership and purpose as a result.

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But what if we had the wrong lenses to look at loyalty?

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