How freelancing and Malt are supporting AXA Climate’s hyper-growth

AXA Climate, a fast-growing subsidiary of AXA Group

Launched in 2019, AXA Climate is a wholly-owned subsidiary of AXA Group that operates as a “Committed Climate Insurer”. AXA Climate’s objective is to help public and private actors make their activities more sustainable. 

AXA Climate has several key offerings: training (via the Climate School which enables HR and CSR departments to train employees to sustainably transform their jobs), consulting (creating projections to 2030-2050 to help organizations adjust decision-making and reach their goals), insurance and financing (to protect and finance the sustainable transitions for companies supported by AXA Climate). 

In only three years, AXA Climate has grown exponentially by over 40% per year. The company now has more than 100 employees. It’s in this context of hyper-growth that the AXA Climate team chose to call on Malt and its community of freelancers. The company relies on freelancers for several reasons: 

  1. To support the team in the development and launch of new products (for this initiative, AXA Climate collaborates with product managers, for example), 
  2. To call on specific expertise for priority issues
  3. To support the team on a daily basis on complex projects
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Highly qualified freelancers with specialized expertise

AXA Climate’s work involves very specific skills, including mapping, climate risk analysis and climate vulnerability studies. These specialized skills are often difficult to find on the ’traditional’ job market, especially when delivery times are short.

For Théophile Bellouard, Head of Adaptation Services at AXA Climate, freelancing is a powerful solution to find experts with previous experience in specific sectors such as agriculture, finance and the public sector.

“For example, last year we wanted to carry out a detailed study on investment funds in the forestry and agriculture sectors. We collaborated with a freelancer with experience in this field to research this market and conduct interviews with potential prospects. The freelancer conducted extensive research and discovery interviews. This work allowed us to define our value proposition very quickly. We gained agility and quality in our decision making.”

Another bonus is the rapid response rate and availability of freelancers. “Freelancers are able to start working on our projects in only 24 to 48 hours after the first contact on Malt, whereas recruiting a full-time employee would take more time”, explains Théophile. “For this, Malt’s Sourcing team is a great support. When we’re looking for a very specific freelance profile, our Key Account Manager helps us to find the right talent as quickly as possible.” 

How Malt helps save time and optimize service costs

While Malt helps AXA Climate’s team to save time in the search for talent, the marketplace also allows them to gain efficiency from an administrative and financial point of view. Thanks to the Malt Insights solution, AXA Climate’s finance team has a complete dashboard that centralizes all current and past freelance services on a single interface. This tool allows Sophie Deshaires, Administrative and Financial Director of AXA Climate, to have better visibility of internal teams’ spending and improved security of all activities. With Malt Insights, Sophie has access to an advanced dashboard of expenses. She also benefits from proactive alerts when her budgets are exceeded or when administrative documents need to be updated. 

“Going through Malt and having an overview of all our freelance activities is a real advantage. Having one centralized place where all our contracts, schedules and budgets are listed saves us time.”

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