Did you know? Whether it be via direct search or project submission, on Malt, it’s the customers who contact you! Our sales team is in daily contact with your future customers to save you time when it comes to prospecting. Therefore, customers can contact you directly or launch an automatic search.

In order to maximize your visibility with clients and to make you stand out, your profile is your main asset! So the more complete it is, the more likely you are to receive assignment proposals in line with your expectations.

Your reactivity and your use of the platform will also help you gain visibility and credibility with your future clients.

You will find below all our tips to getting your first jobs on Malt.

1. Fill out your profile as much as possible

Your Malt profile is your main exposure and allows you to showcase who you are, what you can do and what you are looking for. The algorithm is based on the information you provide, so it is necessary to dedicate some of your time to complete it and also keep it up to date.

For an optimal profile :

  1. Make sure that your main keywords appear in strategic places : title, skills, “about me”.
  2. Add a minimum of 4 skills but aim for a total of 20 to have more impact. List all the services you offer as well as more secondary keywords (tools, delivery formats, areas of specialization…).
  3. Write the “you in a nutshell” part in a clear and attractive way for your prospects.
  4. Do the same for your trainings and certifications.
  5. Make sure you are listed in the right main category.
  6. Be transparent about your travel preferences : choosing the home office option will allow you to appear in searches all over your country, provided that the client is open to you working from home. Selecting the travel option will give you more exposure to companies near you and/or in the cities listed.

TIP : For creative professions, we strongly recommend that you build your portfolio, which will become your main showcase for your future clients. For other professions, you can also add good quality images/videos, such as an image of the logos of companies you have already worked for.

TIP : If you have just registered, you can import your experiences recorded on Linkedin directly into your Malt profile to save time!

2. Your responsiveness is key

The Malt algorithm also relies on your use of Malt to value freelancers who are responsive to messages from potential clients, and who guarantee accurate and up-to-date information, first on their profile, then in their client exchanges.

  1. Stay on top of the messages you receive by downloading the Malt mobile app and making sure you activate notifications.
  2. Decline offers that don’t fit you, this can save the client’s valuable time and they can always come back to you for another opportunity.
  3. Be sure to log in regularly to keep your availability up to date.

Being reactive, however, does not mean that you have to send a quote to the customer at the first interaction. We encourage you to discuss with them in advance the project via the Malt messaging system in order to better understand their needs, advise them, and discuss the budget beforehand in order to send a quote. These exchanges are the first building blocks of your customer relationship and are often a good indicator of of the future mission’s progress.

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3. Legitimize your experience

Many project owners wishing to collaborate with one or more freelancers want to reassure themselves by having access to reviews of your past experiences.

Ask for external recommendations, directly from your profile. You just have to fill in the emails of previous colleagues or clients to send them an invitation, it will only take them a few minutes to create an account and then save their message.

By specifying your experiences and the companies for which you have already worked as a freelancer or employee, you maximize your visibility with them. Indeed, when a client logs in, he can access the list of freelancers who have already worked for his company, even if the work was not done via Malt.

Using Malt to invoice and secure assignments with your regular clients or from new opportunities received outside the platform is also possible.

You will benefit from the payment security and other advantages of Malt, but your clients can leave you a recommendation at the end of the mission, which will have a direct impact on your referencing. You should also know that each project completed on Malt allows you to accumulate points that will help you progress in our loyalty program.

To increase your chances of being visible on Malt, here is our advice : fine tune your profile to obtain a good referencing consistent with the type of job you are targeting, but also ensure a transparent use of the platform. Once you have followed these tips, updating your legal documents in your Malt space will ensure a quick start to your future job.

The bonus? If you have just registered on Malt? You benefit from a “new” label that is displayed next to your name on the search pages in order to attract the client’s attention. Take advantage of this opportunity to show your profile and apply all our tips!