On Malt, it’s the content in your profile that allows you to be better referenced on the marketplace and therefore be more easily identified by a potential client. The more complete your profile is, the more visibility you gain and the more you increase your chances of being contacted for projects. 

To show how important your profile content is, our Data team analyzed all the freelancer profiles registered on Malt since January 2020. Result: all the information mentioned on the profile – past experiences, tags, training, certifications, languages – are important and it’s the correlation between all this information that increases your visibility on Malt. Let’s zoom in on the key figures from this analysis.

Past experiences: your proof of value

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Your past experiences are the most important part of your profile since they help potential clients understand where and how you developed your skills. Even the “small” experiences are valuable! Our analysis showed that your chances of being contacted by a client are boosted by 60% if you include at least one experience on your profile. And this is just the bare minimum. Showing at least three experiences further doubles your chances of being contacted by a potential client in the following six months. 

Bonus: naming the company you worked with increases these chances even further. On Malt, you can even link your experiences to companies that are already clients on the marketplace. That way, your profile will appear on that company’s “favorites list” and you’ll have an even better chance of being recontacted by them for future projects. 

Tips from our Community team: to attract clients, we suggest you include example results of past projects. And don’t hesitate to use tags or keywords to highlight the skills you acquired during these experiences. These will allow you to be even more visible on the marketplace.

Tags: your precious allies 

There are many tags (or keywords) you can add to your Malt profile. While it’s important to tag each service you offer (for example: photography, design, web development, communication, etc.), you can also mention : 

  • the software or tools you use regularly (or technical environments), 
  • the formats of your deliverables,
  • the industries you prefer to work in (e.g., energy, consumer goods, transportation, healthcare, etc.).

According to our study, the more tags you have, the more visibility you gain. Going from seven to 20 tags doubles your chances of being contacted by a potential client and signing a contract with them.

Trainings: a way to reassure

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Like your experience, training you completed (or are currently completing) are extremely important. These allow future clients to know a little more about your background, which can serve to reassure them. We found that adding a first training on your Malt profile boosts your chances of being contacted by a client by 60% in the next 6 months. But don’t stop there, because having at least three trainings on your profile doubles your chances of finding a project.

Certifications: your differentiators

Google Ads, Salesforce, Cisco, Scrum Master, Design Thinking, SAFe, etc. Certifications are more popular than ever and can really make a difference! At Malt, we noticed that many clients take time to look at the certifications of freelancers they’re considering. So make sure you proudly display them on your profile.

English: your prized skill

English has become an essential skill, and one in high-demand, especially for large companies. Our analyses show that 50% of the assignments offered by large companies via Malt require a professional level of English. 

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