Please note : before getting started with these tips, check that your profile is complete and that your offer is well defined.

1 – Use Malt with your own clients

Malt connects you with its network of small and large companies, and then allows you to use a native billing tool that secures your missions and ensures fast payment. However, it is also possible to use all of these features with your regular clients or new companies that you meet outside Malt.

The advantage, in addition to securing your payment, is to enrich your profile with jobs to gain legitimacy with Malt prospects. The income invoiced on Malt allows you to increase your visibility in the search results! It will also allow you to move up in the Malt loyalty program in order to become a Super Malter and benefit from additional advantages.

Note that when you use Malt with your own clients, your commission is reduced to 2% and 0% for the client (outside of the framework contract).

2 – Be responsive

In order to ensure the attractiveness of your Malt profile, there are several good practices to put in place so that it remains well referenced.

On the profile side :

  • Regularly update your availability to keep your profile active and show clients that you are in a position to receive new opportunities.
  • Keep updating your profile, based on your latest experience or training.

When communicating:

  • Be as responsive as possible : answering a project owner’s messages quickly (during a new conversation) will ensure better visibility. However, this does not mean that you have to accept all the offers that come your way : remember to decline offers that do not suit you. It is better to receive an answer, even a negative one, than no answer at all.
  • Once the conversation is underway, remain available to answer questions in order to increase the chances of collaboration. We strongly advise you to start the conversation before sending your quote : this will allow you to better understand the project, to envision the collaboration with this potential client and to raise the first budget questions.

To keep an optimal reactivity, we advise you to download the Malt application and to choose your preferred type of notification in your account settings.

3 – Show yourself !

When you are looking for an assignment, on Malt or elsewhere, it is important to remain proactive to expand your network and find a project as quickly as possible. Malt is one way amongst others to receive new opportunities.

First of all, think broadly : expanding your network should not stop with one or two sent emails. Don’t hesitate to participate in events to present your services or meet your peers. Indeed, don’t forget that amongst the freelancers there might be potential clients. They can also always recommend you in their circle if your offers are complementary for example. Or if they need a teammate for a future job.
Malt offers you a whole series of events to train, exchange and meet freelancers who share the same issues as you. Take the plunge, sign up or speak at our Malt Academies!

You can also make yourself visible on your various professional social networks, especially by sharing content related to your expertise. Create connections with companies or teams that might be interested in your services.

Many freelancers, when creating their profile, decide to share it on Linkedin or Twitter to let their network know about their availability.
This is a great idea that also allows potential clients to have direct access to your information and to be one click away from submitting their project.

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Share your profile and/or success stories on your social media profile by mentioning Malt. You can count on us to like, comment and re-share, and thus gain visibility!

  • Think about the network you already have. Ask your friends for recommendations on your Malt profile. They will help you gain visibility on the platform and it’s a good occasion to rekindle discussions with former colleagues or clients who enjoyed working with you.
  • Add links to your Malt profile on all your channels – your LinkedIn profile if you have one but also your website or email signature. This will drive traffic to your Malt profile and ensure that your prospects will always have your entire offering in mind.

With these tips, you now have all the keys to succeed on Malt and receive new assignment opportunities.