Setting up your auto-enterprise status and opening a bank account 

Ukrainian freelancers based in France will benefit from Malt Paris’ agreement with their partner Shine. Shine provides a service where they support individuals in setting up their legal entity, namely “auto-enterprises” . Ukrainian refugees willing to benefit from these services will need to show a proof of ID, a proof of address and a document from French or European administrative entities officialising their refugee status.

Shine helps freelancers to both set up their auto-enterprise status and create a bank account in euros giving them a French IBAN, an international bank account number. The paiement is then orchestrated by our financial partner Mangopay.

Ukrainian freelancers based in Germany will be able to easily open a bank account with our partner Kontist


Creating your Malt profile

Ukrainian refugees who wish to work through Malt need to provide the following documents:

  • A copy of their ID 
  • A document from French or European  administrative entities officialising their refugee status
  • A proof of right to work locally (in FR e.g. Autorisation Provisoire de Séjour, mentionnant le droit de travailler)
  • An IBAN

The Malt Customer Experience teams will  communicate their application to Mangopay, our financial partner which ensures secure payments, and will be applying a 0% commission on missions.  

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